Monday, June 10, 2013

September 4, 2012- Angels in the Field with Messages

Just got off the phone with your son.  He had Malaria and called Sister Weed, she immediately put him on the Malaria pack which we give the missionaries.  He said Sunday he was really sick, then the meds kicked in and Monday was a bit rough but today he is doing great.  Don't let the name Malaria scare is very common here kind of like having a very bad flu.  We keep the missionaries stocked on the medications both to prevent and take care of it.  Your son did exactly what ask them to do and he is now on the mend....I will keep watch over me.
Sister Leavitt

All better now!  Thank goodness for the Senior Missionary couples. They are the angels watching over our Elders (and Sisters as applicable).

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