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June 18, 2012- A Few Questions from the Kiddos

Copy and paste them with the answers Love, Ryan

1- What is your favorite thing to eat in Africa? i like my grilled chicken(hint- bbq sauce)

2- What is the worst thing you ate this week? i ate this stuff called jencomin. its like a dough stuff. i dont know how to spell it. just know the food was bad.

3- Do you get to help build the churches in Africa? nope. although it may go faster if i did.

4- What crazy thing happened this week? i about got hit head on by a moto. literally had to jump out of the way.

5- How many doors did you knock on /clap at? about 10 a day. not too many.

6- Do the kids there like bubble gum? the kids here dont know what gum is.

7- Do the kids go to school in the summer? nope its just like at home.

8- What animals have you seen?  Any lions or snakes? ive seen goats dogs cats chickens horses thats about it.

9- What did you do for fun this week? make my companion go out in the rain. he thinks he will melt if he gets wet. I think all Africans think they might die if they get wet. I welcome the clean shower.
10- What funny thing did you teach your companion to say? I cant tell you that. Mom wouldn’t think it was funny.

hi mom im still alive. send dyllon a few ties when he is in the mtc and cafine. that would be golden. elder bush gave me a new pack of phase ten cards. i play it almost every p day. as for the answers to the questions for the kids I will do that.
the church is about 15 minutes by taxi from my zone. Elder Milambo, hes still being better. he keeps trying to annoy me but i just dont say anything. It seems to work that way. Did Shaffy bring the SD card over?
send my big Leatherman. and pop tarts. the brown sugar kind. i use the tools all the time . hey could you do me a favor? i need aubrey rhodes to email me.. i found something and took a picture of it and it will make her laugh. so im gonna email it too her. shes logan rhodes little sister.
are we planning on doing something as a family when i get home? disneyworld would be fun. ya know what would be funner... a moose hunt in alaska!! thats a joke. disneyworld would be a load of fun. Got to message chat with Elder Milambo’s brother. his brother is nice.  We are gonna go to the temple too…just after i get back.  you should ask grandpa if he wants to go to disneyworld with us. I’d go golfing with him there. thats gonna be pretty fun now that those two (the twins) are not gonna be as whinny and there lazy butts can walk everywhere

I moved your bed and dresser and vacuumed under them because it was dusty.  There were toenail clippings under the bed.  Imagine that!

i suppose you found the playboy when you did that.  That’s too is a joke! Ha!

dont listen to other missionaries if they say the servers are down and that you won’t get email. its different everywhere in the city. mission gossip is beyond unreliable and honestly rediculous. im at the good cyber and nope i havent put pictures on so far. The cyber is weird today and you are probably gonna get a bunch of random emails tonight. That’s Africa for you.
We sure hope the cyber cooperates soon.
keep hoping. i think we are gonna head out. so have fun reading till tomorrow. i guess email is like a freakin jack in the box now. boodoop boodoop boodoodoo doodoop BOOF!!!  love ya and take care this week.

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