Saturday, May 25, 2013

April 23, 2012 BIG BUGS!

Hi Mom, I’m alive.
the internet was being stupid today so we went and found a good
cyber.. it has AC.

i caught a beetle about the size of my hand spreadout like im gonna trace it for a turkey. i took pictures that i will send home with bailey (Elder Shaffer).
No more baptisms yet. Five were supposed to come to church but none of them did... it will be at least 3 weeks before any more. we have to move because this guy was threatening us.

I had a dinner last Monday. It was terrible! it was the worst thing i have had in my life.. it was a soupy rice stuff that even the elder that i was with and he’s American.. he had a rough time getting it down. it didnt stay in me for long.. i made it around the corner and it came back up.

i got the picture.. tell ryan is awesome.
ive been adjusted to the time since the first day. and we live next to a muslim mosque.. and they have speakers all over the city.  They start chanting at 5 a.m. there is elder wolthoff and elder bush from America in my apartment.
its crazy to think that today is day 90.. but i only have a lot
left.. im a 7th of the way done or so.. do the kids fight over who puts the sticker on the chart?
washing in a bucket isn’t too bad... you should try it sometime.
You told me happy knocking, it’s more like happy clapping but the same thing. well ive got to go now so i will talk to ya next week. love yall and dont forget the new pictures of sparky.
Elder G~

***Note- they didn't end up moving.  All is well.
Pineapple stuff on rice. It's pretty good.

Baby gecko?

BIG BUG in our water bucket.

Picture my hand spread out like I'm gonna draw a turkey- It's that big!

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