Sunday, May 26, 2013

June11, 2012- No Cats Allowed!

Hi Homey,
I don't have school.  I am going to play wii. I still like my kindle and I love my new Scriptures.  Thanks for them. They are special. I went to the races and we were good in the truck.  My friend Chloe comes over to play. She rides horses in queen stuff shows.
Love, Katelyn
Dear Hunter,
The horse lost his shoe and didn't win. I hope he is not hurt on his leg. I got my ds taken away again. But we are going to play wii. Mom bought a bluray that is good to watch the blueray discs with. It is cool. We get to go to the dentist today and get a new toothbrush.  I like the dentist. We go at 2.
Bye bye!  Ryan
Write me back.
Kate- how is the summer going? Are you gonna find a dodo bird?

Boog- how is your girlfriend? Is she cute?
Hi mom...the internet was being stupid.

I already know where everyone is going for transfers this week…i get to stay another 6 weeks with Milambo but things are starting to get better. In another package i need you to send my leatherman and its case. If it’s not in my top drawer it’s in my glove box. Shaffer is on his way home this week. I sent a few coins for the kids and an SD card. Did you make it to the temple this last week? It’s really important to go. I miss it a lot.
I bought a grill and now we grill chicken and steak. I use charcoaled wood in it. No cats or other not normal things are allowed on my grill, i need you to send bbq sauce. A couple bottle would be amazing. The good stuff like the stuff i bought and the different kinds were names of cities. I think one was St Louis. Kansas City was the kind...Bullseye.
Good that you’re all going to the dentist today.  My teeth are rotting out of my head. Ha! My Pres. is a dentist.  Don’t sent me floride. There is nothing here to ruin your teeth. Mine are fine. My health is fine quit worrying about me. Ya just cant be worried about a few worms in ya here and you survive.
I’ve decided im not gonna move out for a while when i get home. i dont like living with different people, and some messed up day if i do move out im gonna find my own appartment all to myself. i dont like living with people. im gonna be home for a while when i get back because I’ll need to get back to being American. (glad to know we’re not considered people in Elder G’s book!)
You asked if we have rats like in the picture that Palmer shared. Nope. We’ve got ants and cockroaches…big ones. Just like the ones at home.
Did you leave?  We miss you! Baptize lots of people. Love Ryan
i think im gonna leave pretty soon big guy. you guys have fun this week.
we have one Amis who is gonna leave his wife so he can get baptized. because she wont let him.
Does Wes still drive my truck sometimes? I miss it. Is my spot at the table still my spot? How about my place on the couch?
Thanks for helping me out with school when I get back. thanks a ton!!  ive learned here that i freakin love school. If I’m back in time I want to start Winter 2014. I’m not gonna get married for a while. i think I’ll just be a charlie harper! Just messing with you Mom!

Bye for this week…Love yall

A picture of the new branch building going up in Togo.
*shared by Sister Leavitt

Crazy Motos in West Africa!
*Shared by Elder Harding's Dad

Grilled cats are not allowed on Elder G's grill!
*shared by Elder Harding's Dad

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