Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Welcome to Elder Gundersen's Mission Blog!

Elder Hunter Gundersen is currently serving in the Benin Cotonou Mission in West Africa.  This blog will be a bit of a catch-up process for the next few months.  Elder Gundersen started his mission on January 25, 2012 when he entered the MTC in Provo, Utah.

Here is Elder Gundersen just before he left the MTC to go to Africa in March of 2012.
Elder Gundersen and his brother Ryan on MTC drop-off day. I love their faces in this picture...you can't tell they are brothers at all!

The next few weeks will be spent adding posts from the first year of Elder Gundersen's adventure.  He is a man of few words in most cases, so some posts will be very short.  The pictures I will share are for the most part ones that he has taken.  Others are from senior couples and members in the mission area.  I will do my best to give credit where due, but please don't be upset if I miss giving credit where due- just let me know and I can update the post!

Get ready for a true mission adventure!

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