Friday, May 24, 2013

First Baptism!

Elder Gundersen, Adjei Akoua, Elder Milambo  
(I bet Elder G is glad he has those white pants that weren't on the list now!)

Elder Milambo, Adjei Akoua, Elder Gundersen 
As promised, pictures of kids!

Showing off his tricks!

APRIL 16, 2013
Hi Mom, I’m alive.
The cyber is slow and I am getting emails out of order.  I wrote you about 30 minutes ago.  I have to piece together my emails. The language is still tough but I can understand more every day…I can get my point across but someone has to clean up everything after I talk.
How is my truck doing?  How is Wes?
We have a few people close to baptism. We just have to get them to come to church. Luc and Victor are the closest.
The Americans speak English to each other. We can talk about things like home without everyone knowing.  Elder Wolthoff is pretty cool. I will figure out the address of where we are at next week.
Elder Gundersen says to tell everyone hello and thanks for all the prayers. He is still struggling with the language but he had an awesome week...first baptism! Her name is Adjei Akoua and she is 14. She was 45 minutes late to her own baptism. He thinks she will be a great member as she is already running on Mormon Standard Time a.k.a. Deweyville Time. Who would have thought that they knew about MST in Africa?? He also mentioned that the biggest shock to him as of yet as far as the culture goes is the topless "boob feeding" during sacrament meeting! He's had an eyeful more than once!

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