Friday, May 24, 2013

January 25, 2012 MTC Drop Off Day

Ryan really wasn't crying that hard...the sun was just really bright!

Matching dork faces.

One last family photo opportunity for two years.

Elder Gundersen and his BFF cousin Kaylee.
Elder Gundersen growing tired of pictures...
He's only leaving for two years..."It's not like I'm dying, I will be back."

Here I am biting back the tears.  Elder Gundersen made it to the curb at the drop off (spot #7) and he was out and gone down the sidewalk before I knew it.  I think it was a defense mechanism.

Back in the truck I was doing okay until we were pulling out of the lot. I was thinking..."That was it?" Then I looked at Wes. He had tears rolling down his cheeks.  This is only the third time I have ever seen him tear up. That was all it took...the water works started!

Hunter is doing well after being gone for two weeks.  He misses chores "stupid crazy" in his words.  He is doing well with the language and sends his love to all.

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