Saturday, May 25, 2013

April 30, 2012

hi mom... im still alive.. i need some stuff though.. parmesan cheese.. irish whatever soap... and water balloons.. the kids here will love the balloons. just in the next package is fine... it’s really hot here. It has rained a bit.
we don’t get to move because they just paid for a years rent.. things got worked out.
and those alfredo packets are fantastic too.
About Mother’s Day…i asked and i can talk the night before that’s not a problem.. but the day before i will call that day or night sometime for a few minutes and the next day... the day before mother’s day... you will have to call the number i call from.. and i think you can use the calling card you bought me. (clear as mud, right?)
Since you are working, i will call wes... so the list is soap... parmesan... alfredo…marshmallows...and jelly beans...right?
the shoes are good... i think if i need new flip flops i will just buy them here.. if i need new shoes around the year mark i will let you know in advance
the lessons are going good but we can’t get people to come to church. we had 9 tell us they were coming to church and only 1 did.. and she wasn’t planning on it until we went and picked her up. We are trying hard to get them all to come to church...almost all Africans are about 45 minutes late for everything..if they come at all. It’s different than home.
(I told him the Lefgren’s were called to the Jackson Mississippi Mission) oh cool tell them they can eat good food for me!

The rains down in Africa...

The water has no where else to go but down the middle of the streets...err roads.

Where I walk every day.

Can you see the lizard?

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