Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 14, 2012- A Quick Message...

Hi mom I’m still alive…so I have to go to a meeting in about 10 minutes and the power was out forever, but I will try to give ya a quick rundown of the week. Not much happened we got one investigator to church. We got a new American in the apartment and ate pizza. That’s about it.
I’m trying to find the place to tell you were the apt is.
I didn’t get a new comp. I’m still with Elder Milambo... but go to Lome on Google earth and look at the airport...there is a word that says Noukafou.. There is a bright red roof by the end of the runway and Noukafou… you can’t miss it… just under the red roof there is a longer skinny building... the apt. is right by the long skinny building… between the red roof and the long skinny building.
Hopefully, you can find it…Love ya and we will talk next week.


How are you? I am good. It was fun to talk to you Saturday. I hope you have a good week at school and I will write next week.

Love homer


How are you? Maybe next time I will talk in French a little bit. I hope you have a good birthday and happy birthday.

Love homer
 Right at the red arrow- in that block is the Tokoin apartment! (I think!)

*picture credit...Elder Baird! Looks like chocolate chip cookies!  Yum!

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