Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 28, 2012- Memorial Day Wishes

Hi mom... I’m still alive… not much happened.. just a bunch of rain and arguments between my comp and a French guy in our apartment…but we had 3 Amis come to church. It was a decent week.
In that package you are sending next, a big jawbreaker would be amazing... just to lick... I’m not at the good cyber... its closed because of a catholic holiday... so I’m not listening to any music today.
I got the SD card to Bailey...if you could sneak another in a package it would be good...I had one disappear.

I ate some weird stuff.  It may have been chicken intestines…I’m not sure.  When they put it in front of you... you eat it. We don’t have a choice. If I decide to line my pockets with zipper bags, I can get them for about 3 cents for 100 of them.

Not much happened… just kind of another week. Splits were nice; it’s good to have a different comp sometimes. I decided what you can do for the Memorial Day holiday… take a hot shower... drink milk... walk around barefoot... mack a good lookin girl... you know... all the stuff I can’t do here. Oh, and go eat for me at Texas Roadhouse. Order grilled bbq chicken with loaded mashed potatoes and baked beans... with a coke... really do it. That would be awesome.
It rained about five inches here today.  This week has been hard. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a daycare. Funny to think of it that way…that would mean you’re paying $400 a month for structured daycare! Ha!
I just told a member today that I would give her 2 bucks to do all my laundry except my garments. Win-win for both of us! My shoes are starting to fall apart but they are still ok. I may need more soon.
As far as sending me Katelyn’s old glasses, not a single use for doing that at all. If someone needs glasses here they spend the 10 bucks and buy them.  Tell the kids to have a good birthday. I’m almost to my 6 month mark... not too much longer here. That’s good because it’s hot here. It’s cooler than normal here today, about 78 and my comp is freezing... so I turned on the fan and opened the windows. It was awesome.
Happy birthday Ryan and Kate!! I Love you all and I will chat with you next week.
Making fufu!

Mashing the yams in the pestle.

Notice the feet action- gotta keep it steady!

This little guy is better at the task than Elder G!

Looks like this little guy is the one giving instruction!

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