Sunday, May 26, 2013

June 4, 2012- We Had Zone Conference

Hi mom I’m still alive.
How’s work going for ya today?
It’s AWFUL.  
Oh poor mom…did you have to leave the air conditioned office again?
I’m at the good cyber…and the heat here would kill you. You better enjoy the AC.
This week I went to the beach. We played American football. It was kind of boring but it was fun. We also had a zone conference with the President in attendance.
Thanks for the prayers. That might help. I’m not sure yet. I have told the President about the problems I’m having before and it turns out the forgive 70 times 7 rule applies. Maybe if you and Wes got to the temple this week that might help.
No I didn’t upload pictures. If I remember next week maybe. It’s crazy hot. The cyber isn’t working well today. But I’m gonna go cause I have to find something to eat. Maybe the cyber won’t be stupid next week.  Have fun this week and we will talk next week.
Love ya!
Picture from Elder Baird. Assuming this was taken at Zone Conference.

Elder G at the beach. Picture compliments of Elder Milambo.

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