Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 7, 2012- Guess What I Found?

Hi Mom, yes im still alive. i havent got any packages yet but president says i have one in Benin that i will be getting this week.  i have no idea when i go to Benin. when the new guys come they will bring it. 
yes the pictures all came through... i get all your emails.. its just my end that they send goofy. so guess what i found?
What did you find? Malt-O-Meal cereal?
even better... pizza...
a guy stopped us and we were having an appointment with him. he was speaking english and trying to make us want to be muslim and then he explained to me his story about how after 9/11 he was interrogated by the fbi and they didnt have enough evidence to hold him.  the president knows, I told him... and im a man im never scared of stuff like that.
I am sending the SD card home with Bailey. There are a few videos too. and i can assure you im not cleaning in them. ive kind of got used to being dirty. its nasty here but its freaking awesome.
How’s the yard coming? we better not have a dirt yard. there is only a little bit of grass here and i miss it.  so are you guys gonna plan to come pick me up? do not come get me.. by then i will want to come home.. and flights dont leave very often to come home.  maybe a few years later we can go back and see everything.
the cyber is goofy.. but welcome to Africa. I had to go buy more time.
At the cyber, for 10 hours its about 3 bucks. everything is cheap here but then again we aren’t given much money. to be honest i have lost almost 10 pounds here so i have used a little bit of personal money to buy food to keep me healthy. hope thats ok. dont send protein shake  stuff... sister weed gives us stuff to keep us alive... healthiest mission in Africa. It’s almost 8pm and it’s about 84 degrees. it stays hot all the time.
ive been to a couple unforgettable places but nobody wants to go anywhere with me but the American i have now will. the pizza is terrible for American standards but when you’re in Africa you take what you can get. they put everything on but they have a hawaii pizza so im set.
 It would be fun to see with you as a tour guide,,, I bet there are good things to see.  I don't want to go see the temple of the python's though...ughhhh...(shudders!) That is just wrong.  You better not put snakes on yourself!
im too smart to go to that stupid place. I think I would be willing to do Disneyworld when I get back. i would be down with that (ive turned pretty street lately) just as long as i have time to join the iron man club before we go.
i can send home some money or coins for the kids.  and i am going to buy Ryan a wood hippo for  when i come home.. i hate to make bailey take a bunch of stuff... space is pretty precious stuff for a missionary going home.
dont send health stuff sister weed gives us stuff for that.. send recipes in a package to burn fat.. ive put fat on..i havent ate leftovers since you made me eat them. ha!
I’m excited for the call Saturday. Make sure the whole family is there. Kaylee, Grandpa, Rylee, Taryn, Petersons, just everyone that wants to. well i have to go so i will talk to ya saturday.. love all you guys and tell the kids and grandpa hi for me.
Why sending duct tape with your Elder is a bad idea...

One of the nicer roads.

Beautiful flowering shrubs

Cool baskets by the trees.

So pretty...I wonder how it smells...

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