Friday, May 24, 2013

First Few Days in Lome, Togo!

Hi Mom! I'm alive! Please send me dish towels and those nylon scrub thingies you do dishes with.  I need to do some cleaning.  The French language here is nothing like I learned in school and at the MTC. Tell Madame Park she taught me the wrong kind. 

I got to talk to Elder Shaffer on the phone from the mission home.  He asked how it was at home and I told him nothing ever changes, it's Garland Utah. Yes, I gave him the Reese's Fast Break bars.

I am companions with Elder Milambo. He is from the Congo.  I gave him your email address, he will probably write to you.  May I suggest GOOGLE TRANSLATE?

There is an Elder in our apartment from Layton. Elder Wolthoff.  His mom wants to call and talk to you. I gave her your number.
 It's hot here. miserable hot. you would be thankful for the weather at
 home if you were here. the apt. is between a musilum mosque and a
 church where they do a bunch of stuff, it is crazy. tell
grandpa he would think the pineapple at disneyland is trash if he had
 the pineapple here. it is amazing. o lady comes by the apt. every
morning with a huge bowl of pineapples on her head. than i give her
300 franks (.60 cents) and she cuts 2 up and gives it to me. she is
awesome. Im hoping to have my first bapteme on saturday but we will
 see how it goes. the keyboards are different here so i cant type worth
 a dar n. the mission home is so nice. granite counter tops and marble
floors. AC. my apt. has tile, dirt, cockroaches, nasty walls and all
that fun stuff.  and we have a ping pong table. you should try to find
 those tab things thqt turn water into soda. anything to cover the
 taste of the water is good. but Togo isnt too bad once you get used to
 it. there is a bunch of garbage everywhere. the bread is good too.
 well.. have fun and dont worry about me. Im alive.


~Elder Shaffer is from the same stake here at home and lives just up the road. We buy sweet corn from his Dad every summer.  Before Elder Gundersen left, the Shaffers came over and shared lots of pictures with our family.  It was great to see the places he would be going and to have a bit of insider information. Sister Shaffer suggested that I join the Missionary Mom group.~

First Sunday in Tokoin

A view from the roof.

Check out the power pole! Uncle Brad would be proud! (Uncle Brad works for the power company!)

Typical security compound

He found some Coca-Cola...he will survive!

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