Sunday, May 26, 2013

July 2, 2012- Family Vacation Time

Happy Anniversary mom and Wes.  How is California? I got the pictures of the horses and Sparky. He looks good thanks.  I haven’t got a lot of time I have been busy today and because the cyber is being dumb. I have been doing a split today. We found out one of our best investigators just wants money from the church. But we also may have a baptism next week.  Hey in the next package I need buttars tractor clicky pens and speed stick unscented deodorant. I don’t think I have time to answer the questions from the kids today. I have to write the President. If I don’t I will do it next week.
Have fun…Hunter

Here are the pictures that we shared with Elder G of our vacation.
Walk Through Fire

Sparky's kin

San Diego temple

The twinners loving Sparky!

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