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May 21, 2012- I Don't Mind Sharing?

Ryan and Katelyn wrote letters to Elder G this week. They miss him a lot but it’s really hard to get kids who are almost nine to sit and write letters.  They crack me up with their "news". BTW- Homer or Homey was Elder Gundersen’s nickname in school...the twins just rolled with it.
Dear Elder Homey,

 Ahoy, we saw Ryan your friend at Fredricos.  He is nice.  We had pizza and  it was good.  Did you eat pizza? Dad is watching the NBA game playoffs.  I shopped with Mom and I had a snowcone and cotton candy and ice cream shake and ChickFila.  It was fun.  We bought me two books at deseret book store. School is almost done and I am so excited.  There was a girl at school that
 was mean to me and my friend but Mrs. Slater at school told her to be nice and it worked.

 Be good Love Katelyn


 I miss you.  I wore yore tie to church it was the orange one.  Mom made me wear pants I don’t like and dad let me wear my dark jeans. I still want a new suit for my birthday.  We bought coolaid for you at the store. Dad thinks that marshmelows will melt. I have a week of school left and then
 Elder Shafer will be home with pictures for us.  Elder Logan that lives by us came home this week. He was ina contry by Russia. He talks funny. Do you talk funny yet?

Bye Bye and goodnight.

Love boog
Ryan... I talk funny but only in French. How is the last of school?


Katelyn... how are you? Are you kissing all the cute boys yet or just the ugly ones?

Hi Mom...I’m alive. Well, this week the rainy season started and it rains a ton but it hasn’t rained really hard. Mom...I didn’t get to see any eclipses. I don’t see eclipses here when you do... I’m on the other side of the earth.
The new American is from North Carolina. Milambo is still my companion and I’m looking forward to transfers. I’m at a catholic church with hi speed internet. That’s why I’m early. Our investigator didn’t come to church. Isn’t one time to church enough to save your soul? We dropped some people we are teaching to find new ones because they aren’t coming to church.
I got the 2 packages. They are nice and will you make sure nobody sends dairy products? That happened to Elder Leavitt and he didn’t get anything because there are rats everywhere that chew into the boxes. No one has sent any... just make sure. Cause I don’t want ruined packages.  Send the parmesan cheese, the dairy stuff just can’t be in anything a rat can chew through.
If you go back to Fredricos, tell Ryan I love him. Tell Aunt Mindy that getting Dyllon’s not anything to stress out about... from everyone I’ve talked to here they say that their moms put more stress in it than it needs... and it puts a bunch of stress on the missionaries they don’t need. So tell her to calm down and just roll with it.

Wes told me the horse won but anyone can win a maiden. I still don’t think he’s going to do anything.
I’m hoping in about 3-4 weeks I will be transferred. They made Milambo district leader. One of the Elders tried to get everyone to give him all our money for food so he could shop for us. He was just going to buy things in bulk and we would get rice all the time...YUM... all the Americans told him he has no more authority than any of us. We will still be doing our own shopping...but hey, do you have that hamburger and rice recipe memorized so you can hurry and send it to me? You asked what I’ve been know me pretty well and you know how picky I I’m going to ask you...Am I eating messed up food?
Are you meaning the hamburger gravy and rice?  If so it's a packet and I will send you some of those too.  It's browned hamburger and brown gravy. If you find beef bouillon you can make broth and thicken it with cornstarch.
ok...that sounds awesome... if something you plan to send needs an oven, don’t send it...except for cookie dough packets. I don’t have one and I never will... and yes the Peeps made it.. that’s why I requested marshmallows...dum dums are awesome for the little kids. But they didn’t get very many... So people here think all my stuff is theirs too..but anyways... all of the stuff in the package was so good.
It’s kind of a free for all here...some companions look through everything and use it if they want to. Speaking of others using stuff... Milambo wore my socks... when I noticed he had my favorite socks I had to have a talk with him about using my things without asking because I have worked my butt off to be here and things cost money. I can get more socks here I just don’t want to keep spending personal money. I guess I still have more to learn from him. Companions are the hardest part of the mission.(Wes always tells him you can learn something from everyone if you try hard enough!)
We taught a whopping 4 lessons this last week. I hope it picks up soon. I have not seen Elder Shaffer at all... and the Elder from North Carolina is Elder Jared Ne-Kindinga... He’s pretty cool. He looks like a native.
So you vacuumed my room? Why did you vacuum it? I liked it like that! I left it clean for
ya... knew you’d appreciate it. Ha!
Well, we are out of here. Tell Bishop and Grandpa hi for me. Love ya.
Elder G and the Pineapple Lady in Lome. 
The bowl looks quite heavy to be carrying around on your head! Enjoy this picture.
Elder G had to talk really hard to convince her to have her picture taken with him.

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