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June 25, 2012- I Can't Even Understand What I Said

Today (June 24th) was Bailey's homecoming.  It was really good. Bailey spoke for a few minutes and then bore his testimony in French.  Wes said it sounded like Klingon. Bailey and his mom sang Because I Have Been Given Much.  They did a good job. We went to their house after for lunch. Bailey gave us the SD card and the coins.  We exchanged them for three king size Reeses Fast Break bars and said they were from you.  Bailey was really cute with Ryan and showed him all his stuff from Africa.  He showed him how to play his big drum by tipping it sideways and let Ryan play it too.  Ryan loved it! Bailey also gave Ryan a tie from Africa.  You will have to bring an extra tie home for Bailey.  He showed him the wooden animals he brought too. He told Ryan he could come see him anytime.
The SD card is really cool. Most of the files are good and fun to look at.  Fifteen of them won't open.  Did you leave the software for your camera here? I wondered if I tried to open the files with the camera software if it would work. The little lizard is cute.  The bug in the water is gross. The trees are pretty with the flowers.  I like the little kids doing acrobatics!  The fir
st baptism pictures are really special.
There were two videos that would open.  Are you trying to launch a homemade rocket? We did get the pineapple lady picture too. The pineapple looks good. Is that pineapple on rice you were eating? 
Bailey asked me to send your email letters on to him. That means you need to write things for h
im to read. 
Questions for the
week :
1- How much is 395 cfa
(the total amount of the coins you sent)?
2- Did you get your package yet?
3- Is the pineapple lady a member?
4- Do you share your candy with the kids?
5- Do kids have pets?
6- Have you held any African babies yet?
7- Do you have a tie from Africa?
8- Do the boys do anything like scouts there?
9- Do the kids know how to jump rope?
10- How much does it rain there? What do you do when it rains?
I miss you Hunter Ryan.
We played Mario world.  Love Kate.
Love, Mom
Hi Mom…im alive. How was your week?
1- about 80 cents
2- nope
3- nope
4- nope
5- they have them then eat them.
6- yep
7- yep
8- why would they need scouts when they live in africa
9- i dont know
10- lots. you go out and teach
Wow. i had a bit of trouble with money this last week. it kept disappearing. so i had to take money out 3 times. just make sure there is still money in the account. i dont think it was in the apartment. it might have been the big market. you cant tell if someone has touched you. everyone touches you. i dont know who it is. and i might have just lost it too. im gonna figure something out. I lost about 10000 cfa or 20 bucks but that goes a long ways here.   that book is somewhat accurate. i can pay 2 dollars and they wont have change.
 (I told him about a book I was reading called To Benin and Back that was written by a Peace Corp volunteer.  You can find it at:  The site also has how to learn the Fon language on it.  Kind of a fun site-check it out!)
im fine today. i havent got a bunch of time today though. i have a regular lesson. How was the homecoming? and you should put some of those squishy ear plugs in the box too. It’s loud here. The mosque is right by my house. They have speakers.
Wes said after seeing Bailey, you just might make weight to ride as a jockey when you get home.  Are you losing weight or holding steady?
Since Elder Leavitt and i started eating good i have put on a bunch of muscle. Leavitt is in the video. It’s a cannon from a can and were trying to launch an onion. Winters is the French guy in the video. What are you having for dinner? i might have chicken or spaghetti or beniyas...donut things.
Have you had to teach a lesson in church yet?
yes i gave a talk last week. the talk sucked. even i couldnt understand it.
Anymore investigators come to church?
yep 2 Amis came to church. The work here…its tough. but when you find one that will come they might come every week.
Bailey said that was really frustrating.  Prayer was his answer.  The last two weeks before he left he was so sick he couldn't go out he prayed and prayed that someone would come to church and 5 did the last week he was there.
Elder Milambo said you did a good job with your discourse Sunday. I'm sure the talk was better than you thought.  The spirit translates you know.
Even Elder Leavitt says the spirit couldnt translate my French. It was bad.
i get tired of people everywhere.  yovo is something ive heard that more than you could ever imagine.
I loved the picture of your first baptism.  Does she still come to church?
not very often. i see her almost every day though. well i think its about time for me to go so i guess tell everyone hi for me and we will talk next week. 
Ryan in his tie from Elder Shaffer. 
He thinks this tie is the neatest thing ever. 
Thank you Bailey for being so kind to Ryan.

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