Friday, May 24, 2013

Welcome to the MTC Adventure

All missionaries seem to really enjoy the MTC experience.
 Here is Elder Gundersen during his first MTC week.

 His name proudly displayed on the mission flag.

 His companion Elder Baird

 Elder Baird at their study area in their room.

 The District

A match made in heaven...

 Group photo!

 Wait? Is that Elder Landon Layton in the front there?

 What missionaries do for fun.

 Elder Baird...I'll let you add your own caption.

 Beautiful snow and Old Glory...better enjoy this sight as it may be a few years before the opportunity presents itself again.

One "Beastly Mr. Rodgers". (He added that caption to the back of the print he sent us.) 
 I feel bad for the Sister who now has a stretched out sweater.

 Paisley Power!

 A must have MTC photo...

 Also a must have...
Probably my favorite.

A farewell message...Happy travels Elders!

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