Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 9, 2013- Thanks For the Surprise!

So, I was seriously sad last week when Elder Gundersen signed off of his chat / email time without remembering to wish me a happy birthday for Saturday.  Now, I'm not really being a whiner about it, it's just that last year he missed my birthday because he was back at the apartment sick with malaria.  Between that and Ty being gone, I was certain that neither of my boys would remember or get a chance to brighten my birthday with well wishes for the day.  Boy was I WRONG!

At exactly midnight on the big day, Wes got a text message.  Wes never gets texts and because of that his volume was up ALL THE WAY! We practically flew out of bed!  Midnight messages always make you panic and think the worst...well not on my phone, I get messages 24/7, but Wes' phone- never happens.  As I was still trying to pry my heart off the ceiling, Wes read the message.  He smiled and said, "It's for you." and handed the phone to me.

"Hi mom! Pres weed told elder odonkor and i that we could wish you a happy birthday. So have a good day and thanks for all you do! Love, Hunter Elder G-Unit & Elder Lord Odega"

Be still my heart...of course I immediately started to cry!  What a great way to start the day and exactly at midnight to be the first to say happy birthday! Awh! I love that kid!  I'm sure he text Wes' phone because he knew it would be too much of a temptation for me not to text him back! It was a tender mercy for sure. As a bonus, I now know that Elder G's companion is Elder Odonkor.

I was also surprised later that morning to get a text and pictures from Bleck and Mama with birthday greetings as well. Mama sent pictures of how to make pineapple juice. Thought I'd share the process. Hope I got the order correct!

Quarter and core pineapples and grate.

and grate...

Squeeze grated pulp through a mesh sieve to remove the juice.
Keep squeezing!

Fill prepared bottles with juice.
Pretty cool process, don't you think?  I bet it's really sweet juice.  Elder Gundersen says the pineapple there is awesome. Apparently, we only have garbage pineapple here!
Later that morning as I was on the way to Elder Kunz's sisters services, I got a few messages and pictures from my other boy at Fort Bliss!  So happy! My day was made and the bar was set extremely high! I don't think I could have had a better morning. My heart was singing.  I would share a few Ty pictures, but I'm feeling selfish...they are just for me! 
The service for Celeste was beautiful. There was nowhere else I'd of rather been at the time. I felt close to heaven in that chapel.  What beautiful testimonies were shared. It was really cool to have Elder Kunz Skyped in too!
Technology is a fantastic thing when properly used...Texts and pictures from Africa, Texas and an Elder attending his beloved sister's funeral halfway around the world. 
I also have to say that we have an AMAZING Missionary Mom group.  I feel very blessed to be part of such a special group of Sisters. The love and support for one another is second to none.  I am so blessed!
On to Elder G-Units update...
He is alive!  This is Elder Milambo's last week and a half before he heads home.  The weather is getting warmer there.  He ate the rest of the beef he purchased the previous week.  The "beach house" is roughly 150 yards from the ocean and really nice.  The breeze from the ocean is very good! He dries most of his clothes outside.
He will find out in about a month when his final release date is!  So exciting!  He's bought a few cool statues and some clothes for souvenirs. He also has a machete!  Just what every Utah farm kid drum for his brother...he does love me!
I almost forgot!  Elder G has been asked to put his mission testimony and a picture in a book for local Elders he went to school with.  Here is what he sent and the picture he selected.

Until next week, thanks to all for your love, prayers, emails and support! 

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  1. Yes, finally an update - I've looked forward to it all week. So glad he got to text you on your birthday. How cool was it that Elder Kunz could actually be a part of Celestes' funeral? What a blessing we have with tech stuff these days. I'm glad you got to go to support his Mom. Thanks for the update! Looking forward already to this weeks!