Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013- Visitors!

Hello Everyone! 

Elder Gundersen had a pretty good week. He said good bye to his first companion, Elder Milambo, who went home after completing his mission. Somehow, the kitchen mixing bowls left at the same time. Hmmm...weird!  The Elder who replaced Elder Milambo is from the Ivory Coast. 

The highlight of Elder Gundersen's week was a visit from Mama and Bleck from Togo on P-Day!  So cool that they came to visit him!  Bleck sent some pictures for the blog of the big visit.

Here they are at Elder Gundersen's apartment- Bleck, Mama and Elder Gundersen

Nice courtyard for the visit.

Bleck, Mama, Elder Odonkor, Elder Gundersen

Elder G in his styling shirt!

What's for lunch? Cassava, banana, fish, peppers, onions and tomatoes! Looks pretty good!

Eating it traditional African style- with the hands.

Mama capturing memories!

I have no idea who the young man in the yellow shirt is!

Sweet duds!

I'm liking the plaid shorts with this shirt.

He has such a happy face listening to Mama!

I love Mama's smile in this one.

Unfortunately, all visits must come to an end.  Mama and Bleck made it safely back to Togo later that evening.  Elder Gundersen said the visit was wonderful. He says that Mama and Bleck are really nice people and the rest of the family is nice as well. I am truly grateful for this family and for their love and concern for Elder Gundersen...and of course for the pictures that they send!  Such a blessing!
In other news, Elder Lynch's Mom has been sending candy from Scotland.  Elder Gundersen and Elder Lynch have put together a list of American candy and treats that they would love me to send for Elder Lynch to try:
Slim Jims
Nerds Rope
Big Hunk
Swedish Fish
Almond, Pretzel and Coconut M&M's
Butterscotch Discs
Symphony Milk Chocolate
Tootsie Rolls
Cream Savers
Chocolate licorice
Reeses Minis
I went today and got the treats on the list and packaged it up. Wes is sending it tomorrow.  I had a really hard time finding Cream Savers, but finally found a small bag in a local convenience store.  I hope the package arrives before either of them transfer.  Sugar high for sure!  He is also getting Hershey's Hugs and Kisses, Papa Jays and Pop Tarts in a package.  Maybe it will all last until he comes home.  He is eagerly awaiting the package as it also contains the 2013 Los Alamitos sale catalog!  Reading material for a boy that misses the horses!
He mentioned that he thought it may be only a few more weeks until he gets his flight plans.  I am super excited for that! It still seems impossibly far away.  He is growing tired of Africa and wants to come home. "God really did bless America"- He has learned to love his country by living in another. He misses driving his truck to Logan. "It's a nice drive, tell Wes to register my truck so I can drive it when I get home."
He says he also misses church at home.  He can't wait to just be able to sit during sacrament meeting and just think about things instead of having to worry about everything.  I guess there was a moment of extremely "loud teaching" that occurred this week at church.  The training of the a few of the leaders and teachers seems to be a never ending challenge for our Elders. I cannot imagine how frustrated they must get sometimes. I know that they are making a difference though. It just takes time.
Thanks to all for your love, prayers and support.  A special thanks again to Kris. You're the best!  Have a great week everyone.

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  1. What a treat to wake up to pictures from Bleck! Hope that boy gets lots of blessings for what he does for the Missionary Moms and Grandmas!