Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013- Doubling Down!

Here we are at another week down!  The best news for the week is that Elder Gundersen found a good cyber.  One with power. That had an available computer. AND he only lost email service once today.  This is great for Africa standards!

The other really great news is that we are now officially to double digits on the countdown to his estimated return date. 
This calls for a celebration for sure! Chocolate cake anyone?
President told him to have us get him enrolled in school.
So I expect to have him back by the first week of January 2014.
This number should be really close to the actual date!
So for the week update- He says he had a really great week.  He is still awaiting the arrival of the last few packages that were sent to him.  Just a reminder- He requested that no more packages be sent from here on.  He may not be there when they arrive if you send something now. 
His companion continues to be awesome.  He says that he is cool and that he can trust him with anything.  He's a great missionary too.  Elder Lynch is still in the apartment too and he is doing well.  He says that his favorite candy from Scotland that Elder Lynch shares with him is the chocolate.  He loves chocolate from Scotland!  Elder Gundersen still did not elaborate on the mission work so I have absolutely no idea how many Amis they have, how many baptisms they have had or that they have coming up.  Sorry folks!  You'll just have to come to the homecoming to ask him yourself!
As for fun stuff that he did today for PDay- He scrubbed the bathroom!  Sounds like a really fun day!  Bleach eroded hands and all...
His big hit for the week was that he made fried potatoes.  He said that everyone in the apartment really loved them and the neighbors came over to eat fried potatoes too.  He is one talented Elder- he can fry potatoes! 
He also could not end the chat without giving me a bit of harassment for the week.  He made fun of me for planning to run in a team challenge event next year.  I asked if he would like to join me and this is how the conversation went:
Me: You can go to the gym with me and run the Go Ruck Challenge with me next fall.
Hunter: no

Me: Why not? Are you a whimp? It's not a race it's a team challenge. It will be fun. Old ladies do it!
Me: And young people...

Hunter: that is not fun at all

Me: Afraid that your MOM would out do you? Hahaha! Not!


Hunter: no i hate running

Me: You don't run too much on this thing. It's team work challenges. Not running. It's on a mountain course in Park City. It's finishing the course together and not leaving anyone behind. 
Hunter: absolutely not... thats not even fun... races have to have a winner and lots of losers
Me: I guess Mindy at work will just have to go with me. We can be losers together! haha!
Hunter: losers suck

Me: It's a CHALLENGE..not a race! haha!
You're funny! I guess I'm a loser then cause I remember winning nothing in my life!

Hunter: so is the challenge championships but there is a winner and a loser anyways.
Hunter: you said it not me.

Me: you have a valid point but that was a challenge race!
Hunter: same thing.
Me: Maybe you'll think I'm cool when Mindy and I finish and get our patches for being awesome
and not quitting.
Hunter: everyone gets a trophy in tee ball but not everyone wins. We all know who the losers are.
Me: You are not making this very rewarding for me....
Hunter: well i have to go now so have a good week and tell grandpa hi for me. I cant believe you are trying to be a loser.
Me: Haha! Love you. Hope you have a good week.
Hunter: I don't talk to losers.
Guess I will have to win the challenge that is not a race so he will talk to me next year!
Thanks to all for your continued prayers, love and support in his behalf. Love you all!

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  1. Here is what he wrote me today about Amis: "this week was good. we found a lady that can progress and be baptized
    if she tries. so i hope it works. I hope it does because i want to
    have at least one more baptism before i get home." So there is some missionary news for you of the positive kind.