Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 10, 2013-Moving On to Benin

We received word Saturday afternoon from Bleck that Elder Gundersen will be transferred to Benin next Wednesday.  I know that transfers come for a reason, but I have mixed feelings as I have really enjoyed the connection with Bleck and his family.  I love the pictures and videos of Elder G that they have sent and I love even more that they have taken care of Elder G as their own.  I will miss having him near their wonderful family. 

Mama sent me a message this morning. She said she is a little sad that her son Hunter is leaving to Benin next week. She plans to visit him soon as they can go to Benin whenever they choose.  I am grateful to this sweet sister for her kind service to our Elders.  She made sure that they were fed well on Saturday. The following is a video of the meal with all the Elders in the apartment.  It's a bit lengthy, but I know we all love seeing glimpses of our Elders.  So here it is-it's a bit dark and pixelated but loved nonetheless! The other Elders are Elder Lemaire from France, Elder Potter from Utah and Elder Sahue.


  1. At least Mama tried to fill our boy up before she sends him off to Benin!

  2. She sure did! She's a wonderful Sister.