Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 22, 2013- A Day Later!

On Monday, I waited hours to hear from Elder Gundersen. I finally got two brief messages around 8 p.m. his time.  The first was the flight itinerary- I'm glad he has it too, we are all on the same page.  The second message was a quick, "I will write tomorrow I just didn't have time today so we will get on for a while tomorrow afternoon."

Yes! At least I will get some chat time this week.  Tuesday, he was true to his word and sent me a few messages.

He is still alive. The picture from conference, he was not sleeping...he was sick with a stomach ache. He's feeling better now.

Front, left- sick, not asleep!
"Check my account so I can buy stuff. Elder Odonkor says hi. Tell Wes hi because he is not answering me. Zac's baby looks like a baby. I have to go now so tell everyone hi for me and have a good week."
The message to my Mom was a bit more informative...
" dont have much time today i just stopped by to tell everyone i am
alive and that the work is doing well. we are getting a couple married
hopefully by the time i leave they will be baptized. they are a
wonderful family and an answer to your prayers in september about
finding a family. we found them on the 4th of that month. i hope you
have a good week and enjoy the flight plans!!"
It's good to know that he is still working hard in the mission in spite of being ready to come home.
Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support on Elder Gundersen's behalf.  You are loved and appreciated.

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